"I have given up to try to find the meaning of life, but I still will try to find meanings."

"A composition is a toy you give to the musicians, to play with."

"Life is farwell to life."

"Music should sing and dance. Once maybe only singing or once maybe just dance, but never none of both."

"One can not understand chaos with logic and rationality. One have to face chaos with chaos to understand the true meaning of chaos." "Understand unsolved mysteries by being a mystery."

"Vibrato (talking about making music) should be the trembling of the arrow after it has hit its target."

"Truth depends on perception(s)."

"I find the same people that say you can `t compose using tonality are like the ones claiming one can have fun without alcohol."

"It would be i mistake to divide the truth in to normal and paranormal, known and unknown when everything in the end is tremendous astonishing and incredible.
To settle down ones minds in belifes ans so called "knowledge" is to commit one self to lies, or try to understand things within how one "want" to understand it, or how one feel comfortable with it.

One have to understand chaos with chaos as much as reason with reason if one would know the whole truth.
Instead of believing that there is a reason behind things, one also should be honest with that it necessarily also not is....all one can do is stick to it totally when truth is "happening" with us our short time on earth and wonder....allways wonder and astonish....."
"First there was the romantics, then the late romantics and now the too late romantics.
That`s were you`ll find me."
"If you do`nt feel happy, then forget about happiness."
"As a composer you don`t "make" music in the sense that you are creating the wonderful and almost divine sounds of a flute, oboe, cello or double bass.
They are allready there.
As a composer your task is to play with these sounds and make a good statement of how amazing they are.
In the same way the chefs don`t create the amazing taste of a strawberry, a vegetable, meat, cheese or a spice.
They play with it to convey the true genius and divine cord of it all.
If you love the world strong enough, you not only find the great beauty of it, but even av a piece of heaven in it.
If you make contact with your body, you will find a soul."
"To play music, compose music, listen to music should be worshipping music. Music is holy."
"Unreliefed and unfree souls obey the reality, free spirits play with it...."
"My 15 symphonies are all different from each other and have their own character, flair and shape.
I like to see them as my children, each with its own individuality and personality despite sharing the same origin.
They are all boys, except number 6 wich is a girl.
Very cute, with beautiful curly, red hair.
She got so lovely eyes and freckels and is a quite wild and bold one."
"As much as we are talking about playing music, playing the tone, one should talk about moulding the music, the tone, creating the music.
As something you build up over many years. 
As a musician you are allways educating your body to make your tone sing, if you are actually a singer or playing an instrument.
That is the beautiful part of musicianship, you are struggeling to reach the most beautiful goal.
That is the reason I do`nt like mechanical key instruments where you only push a key/botton and you will have a tone.
You are not undergoing any long process and endavours to bring out the tone and the tone will sound poor and cold. (No offense, key instrument-players!).
And then the well-tempered tuning system, following all key instruments, sound very unpleasent to my ears."...
"One must have in mind that a composition is not only a piece of music, but also a tribute to music."
"Humans are gifted with the ability to love.
That makes us able to create heaven on earth...(If we want to...)."
"Music is a piece of nature...a good one.."
"I drink for three reasons: To celebrate life, to mourn life, to endure life."
"Classical music is sadly become an academic tradition when it should be purely mythological."
"The conditions for composers has never been better as now. 
Due to the skilled and extremely high level of performance we have gained.
But they have never performed less new music as today.
What a tragic fact!"
"You should never play music because you are "good" at it, but since you have a vision about it."
"Teodor Currentzis. He is making classical music more classic than it has ever been done.
He is rescuing the spirit of music."
"Herbert von Karajan was more ego than music.There was no life to his performances."
"Playing the music only correctly according to the composition written, would be the same as if an actor only would recite the text from a play without doing anything to it."
"Practising is not for getting skilled, but to find your own voice and soul in the music you are making. It is a never ending project."
"Art is not only a matter of beauty, but to reach the divine core in our self.
It is a long and complicated journey, but that is also why art can help us."
"Humans are trapped between the harsh laws of nature and the cold and dry laws of reason.
Thank heaven we have art!
Otherwise we would be either animals or robots."
"A meal without wine is like a body without a soul."
"The reason why death exist, or the end exist, must be that something is not allmighty.
Something allmighty can not die or should not die. It remains flawless and eternal. 
The reason for us to die is that we are limited, not fullfilled, exploring a branch of the existence, not everything, and therefore we must die since it is only one aspect of being.
Every story, smell, day, living being and destiny should have an end since it is not allmighty, perfect and eternal or limitless.
When someting is limited, one can have many opportunities, not only one, like the allmighty and eternal.
But to have many opportunities to explore all aspects, one must also die.
That is the grace of death, of the beginning, middle and end, to be free to explore a small part, to fail, to be unfullfilled.
Every experiment need to fail and succede, to explore to get more wise and mature.
To have limited life or existence enables that.
So death have a meaning after all.
If we were immortal we could only be a whole of everything and allmighty, not a branch with the gift of playing, experimenting, exploring with then the chance to progress and grow it gives."
"If your heart is vibrating and your instrument too, you are making music....
If your instrument is vibrating and your heart not, you are not making music...
If your heart is vibrating and your instrument not...it is time to practice..."
"Art is the philosophy of the heart."
"The greek theatre.
What ever I do in life, I allways contemplate on the greek theatre.
The greek tragedies, the greek theatre festivals.
It was not only tragedies, but also comedies and satyr plays.
All that define our existens as human beings short spoken.
The most important I remember from my days in school was a teacher wich did have a passion for greek theatre festivals and told us that even the prisoners did get released to watch the plays.
I do`nt know if they even had prisons so far back then, but it sure made a huge impact on me.
First of all, because of that what we now know as theatre was not a sort of entertainment back then, something you payed tickets for.
Something you would use as a dating opportunity and then afterwards go to have dinner at a resturant.
But someting one gathered around as a sort of ritual.
A katharsis ritual.
A tribe ritual.
To get released and reaching higher purposes.

Today we are more rational, but we have missed these ritual purposes of art.
My mission as an artist is to reevent these rituals, these dionysian aspect of music and art.
Music is a sacred, shamanisitc vehicle and salvation of the human spirit.
It may sound pretensious, but the difference between music and God, is that the music is a god that actually exist, in real life. What a grace!"


"My compositions seems to be more about the end of things rather than beginnings. More about autumn than spring."

"One may think that composing is to bring together elements that fits and make harmony...for me, the most thrilling apsect of composing is to bring togehter elements that NOT fits or suit each other...but make heat!....challenge each other and rediscover new aspects of each other....make life out of death...chaos out of dead patterns...."

"Identity. You get a body, a language, gender,talents, nationality, face, approach, eye colour and much more. Even a life and what one may call a destiny.These are all toys to play with, or an instrument with a certain tuning, or challenges or tasks. It is not necessarily YOU in the most eternal sense.But what is playing with these gifts or struggeling with these issues is definitely you, your eternal core.The limitations only makes you able to explore your self more deeply."

"You do`nt need to posess more in life but the thoughts in your head and the feelings in your heart."

"So much beautiful music has allready been written, the challenge for the composer of today is to write the ugly music, but in a way that it also sounds beautiful."